Cessna 340/414 Owners: Enhance Your Investment!

Cessna 340/414 Owners: Enhance Your Investment! You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your Cessna 340 or 414. Upgrading it with a Turbo ULTRAcooling System will allow you to climb better, fly faster and cover more miles between overhauls and airframe inspections. The cost of these upgrades will more than pay for themselves, and they will continue paying dividends in improved performance, increased efficiency, greater safety, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, they increase the resale value of your aircraft.

There’s No Substitute for Experience

American Aviation is one of the pioneers in the development of modern state-of-the-art intercooling technology. With years of aeronautical engineering experience devoted exclusively to the dynamics of intercooling, we have emerged as a dominant factor in this highly specialized field. One measure of our capability is the expanding number of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) awarded by the FAA from American Aviation ULTRAcooling Systems. More than 1000 satisfied operators currently fly their aircraft with American Aviation Systems contributing to improved aircraft performance. Since your 340 or 414 is equipped with an intercooler, we don’t have to sell you on the benefits and advantages of turbo-intercooling. Such numbers as 200 knots maximum cruising speed and 900 feet per minute climb at recommended power settings are probably very familiar to you, with proper credit given to the turbo-intercooling system.
However, we feel obligated to point out that your aircraft’s intercooler was designed more than 30 years ago and by today’s standards it is relatively ineffective. That’s why we developed an ULTRAcooling System for the 340 and 414.