Navajo Owners: Enhance Your Investment!

You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your Navajo. Upgrading it with our ULTRAcooling System will enhance your investment and you’ll save money by flying fewer hours, which will more than pay for the upgrade during a typical TBO period. And, ULTRAcooling willl continue paying dividends in improved performance, increased efficiency, greater safety, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, it will increase the resale value of your Navajo.
Turbo ULTRACooling

Nearly all modern turbocharged aircraft engines are also factory intercooled. The Piper Malibu, Mirage, Mojave, Seneca V, and Aerostar 700P, the Beechcraft Baron 58P, The Cessna P210, 414 and 421, the Mooney 252, TLS and Encore are all equipped with factory-installed intercooling systems. If Navajos were in production today, intercooling would certainly be standard equipment.
Now the evolution of intercooling tchnology has taken a giant step forward with the introduction of American Aviation’s Turbo ULTRAcooling System. ULTRAcooling is a highly sophisticated advancement of the basic intercooling concept, resulting in optimized aircraft performance.

Knowledge, Dedication and Experience

Our success in the aviation industry is directly related to the efforts of our knowledgeable and dedicated people who live and breath aviation. They have been flying, engineering, modifying and maintaining all types of aircraft for over 35 years.
A time proven measure of our success and capability is the ever expanding number of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) awarded by the FAA.
American Aviation is dedicated to developing, producing and installing high performance products that far exceed the quality and design of the original equipment. Our goal is to transform standard performing aircraft into superior performing aircraft.
For more information on how you can get the most out of your aircraft, call us at American Aviation, today!