“I installed American Aviation’s Aerodynamic Speed Stacks on my Cessna Conquest I a little over a year ago and, being a conservative type, I deferred final judgment until I had experienced the full range of seasonal flying conditions, including temperatures.
In addition to a significant improvement in the appearance of the plane, including a drastic reduction in the jet fuel residue deposited on the wing sections, we have determined that our cruising speeds are now approximately 5 to 6 knots greater than before, all things being equal.”
Daniel EphraimConquest I Pilot/Owner

Conquest I Pilot/Owner 
“After adding the Speed Stacks to my Conquest I I picked up about 7 knots in true airspeed and the airplane is now much easier to clean”
Joe BennettConquest I Pilot/Owner 

Cessna Conquest I Pilot 
“Our company purchased a set of American Aviation Speed Stacks for our Conquest I in the spring of 1999. This airplane does an excellent job for us in what we ask of it and anything that will improve performance or operational ability, interests us.
After we got our Speed Stacks, I immediately noticed an additional 5 -6 knots TAS, but I also noticed an increase in the rate of climb, utilizing the same airspeeds as before. This was not a benefit that I had expected. While not overwhelming, this increase in climb rate enables me to get to cruise altitude and cruise speed a little quicker, this saving some time. Over the course of a year it adds up!
The other added benefit was the fact that the wings don’t have to be cleaned as often and when I do clean them, the job is much easier. There just doesn’t seem to be as much soot and it is easier to get off.
American Aviation Speed Stacks not only improved performance, but they make an already good looking airplane even better looking.”
Mark D. VogtConquest I Pilo

Chief Pilot 
“With the Speed Stacks I’m seeing anywhere from 6 – 8 knots improvement in true airspeeds.
I also find that keeping the airplane clean is much easier now and everyone loves the way they look.”
Mike CarrollConquest I Pilot