Conquest I Owners: Enhance you’re Investment

Cessna Conquest I American Aviation offers custom engineered and attractive Aerodynamic Speed Stacks for the Cessna Conquest I. These stacks feature an aerodynamically clean shape which reduces drag, making an immediate improvement in the aircraft’s overall performance. They also improve boundary layer relief resulting in reduced exhaust deposits on the aircraft.Four distinct stacks are manufactured specifically for the Conquest I to ensure that the stacks are in the aerodynamically correct position for the aircraft. The result of this individual positioning pay off. Speed Stacks not only look sleek and fast, they are.The shape and positioning increases air speeds by 5 to 10 knots. Improved boundary layer relief, means more exhaust residue is blown clear of the air frame. The Speed Stacks will more than pay for themselves with a nearly 4 to 1 return. American Aviation can improved your Conquest I in performance, greater safety, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, they increase the Conquest’s resale value.