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“I am still amazed, 300 hours later, at the number of pilots and people on the ramp that stop, look and ask questions.”read more…

Robert W. AstleKing Air E90 Owner/Pilot

“After adding the American Aviation Pitot Cowling System and Aerodynamic Speed Stacks I’m now seeing between 14 an 16 knots in true airspeed improvement, the lower ITT’s give me more torque. I couldn’t be happier!” read more…

Tom BryantBusinessman & Cheyenne II Owner/Pilot

“American Aviation Speed Stacks not only improved performance, but they make an already good looking airplane even better looking.” read more…

Mark D. VogtConquest Pilot

“There is no doubt in my mind that the 1500+hours since the American Aviation System has been installed we have enjoyed substantially improved performance and engine life.” read more…

Randy CooperCessna 414 Owner/Pilot

“The improvement in acceleration is dramatic and I can definitely feel the difference!” read more…

Rob RiordenNavajo Owner/Pilot


While turbochargers allow your engines to produce more power and maintain manifold pressures at altitude, they also produce very hot air. When ULTRAcooling is added to a turbocharging system, the engine is able to more closely maintain its rated horsepower. The benenfits of our ULTRAcooling System extend throughout the entire spectrum of aircraft performance. ULTRAcooling dramatically improves hotter than standard day operation, takeoff above sea level, single engine operation, engine temperatures, and fuel efficiency. Plus you’ll have the advantages of extended range, improved climb rates, and higher cruising speeds.


First, our aeronautical engineers analyzed the existing cowling system and identified the areas that needed improvement. Then we designed a new multicomponent air pressure recovery system combining; (1) a newly designed cowling inlet repositioned to maximize the recovery of the ram air velocity from the propeller, (2) computer designed aerodynamic inlet ducting to minimize air separation and flow losses, (3) fore and aft variable air flow deflectors and a fixed inlet turning vane which function together to direct and minimize flow losses in icing conditions, and (4) a positive air pressure seal system designed to prevent leakage.


American Aviation Speed Stacks are manufactured as four distinct stacks with different flange hole locations for each position so they can be clocked to their most aerodynamically correct positions. Speed Stacks not only look sleek and fast, they are. As a result of the new shape, airspeeds are increased from 4 to 8 knots and the boundary layer relief is improved, meaning more exhaust residue will be blown clear of the airframe.

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