“I am averaging 200 FPM increased rate of climb from sea level to 18,000 feet. True airspeed has increased from 198 KTAS at 18,000 feet (70 % power) to 208 KTAS. Also… I was very impressed with the quality of the component parts in the kit. You can definitely count me as a satisfied customer.”

-Ray Yillik, 340 Owner/Pilot

“Hot days are a lot easier to live with now and cold days can really be a blast! Climb has improved by up to 25% and is rock solid steady all the way up to FL230. There is no doubt in my mind that the 1500 + hours since the American Aviation System has been installed we have enjoyed substantially improved performance and engine life.”

-Randy Cooper, 414 Owner/Pilot

“By installing the American Aviation Ultracooling system, it was possible to increase maximum engine power to 310 H.P. The initial climb rate has improved significantly – with a 400-500 fpm increase. However, the most important aspect to me is that the single engine climb rate, with critical engine out, has increased approximately 200 fpm.”
-Jim White, 340 Owner/Pilot

“we witnessed an increase in cruise performance(using the same power settings as before) of some 8-10 kts. over the stock intercoolers. We also saw an increase of 150-200 fpm in hot weather climbs – when you need it the most.”

-Jon Walker
414 Owner/Pilot