Form Follows Function

Our ULTRAcooling System was specifically designed for the Cessna 340/414 engine with the help of the latest computer aided design technology. The System consists of three major assemblies: (1) A custom designed, high efficiency aluminum alloy heat exchanger that cools the heated compressed induction air using the colder outside air. (2) High flow induction manifolding, that transfers induction air throughout the system with greater efficiency. (3) An aerodynamically engineered P-51 style cowling and inlet that maximizes the recovery of ram air velocity from the propeller. This provides high pressure cooling air to the heat exchanger core at all power settings and flight condition. All three sections of the design interact perfectly with one another for optimum thermodynamic efficiency. When you combine the 100 % pressure recovery from the inlet with high flow manifolding and proper heat exchanger design, the results are near constant inlet air temperatures at all altitudes and power settings.The benefits of this work extend throughout the entire spectrum of the aircraft’s performance. ULTRAcooling dramatically improves hotter than standard day operation, high than sea level takeoffs, single engine operation, engine temperatures, and fuel efficiency. Plus, you’ll have the advantages of better engine detonation protection, improved twin engine climb rates, and higher cruising speeds.