What is Ultracooling?

In short, it’s the ultimate application of turbo-intercooling technology. ULTRAcooling maintains near constant induction air temperatures at all power settings and flight conditions. For instance, while the standard 414 intercooling system allows induction temperatures to vary between 180 degrees F to 200 degrees F at altitude, ULTRAcooling (under the same conditions) maintains temperatures between 70 degrees F and 90 degrees F. At medium altitudes ULTRAcooling reduces the induction air temperatures, approximately 110 degrees F. To understand what that means to your engine, try remembering the last time you flew an aircraft with carburetor heat. When you pulled the carb heat on, the engine’s power diminished. But flying the 340 or 414’s turbocharged engines with the basic intercooler is like flying with the carb heat on all the time. ULTRAcooling is like carb heat in reverse where hot induction air is cooled as it’s routed through the Ultracooling System (like pushing the carb heat off) immediately restoring the engine’s lost power. The cooler induction air is much easier on your engines.


Inefficient stock cowlings and poorly designed stock intercoolers only reduced engine inlet air temperatures from 220F to 190F, causing a loss of power as altitude increases.


American Aviation’s Turbo ULTRAcooling system reduces engine inlet air tempurature from 220F to 85F, Providing 100% power at all altitudes.