Navajo owner, Bob Riordan, shares some of his experiences with American Aviation’s Ultracooling System.

Bob Riordan is no newcomer to aviation.  He operates a Malibu, Turbo Saratoga, Cherokee 6, Skipper and a Navajo Chieftain.  He has over 3000 hours in Navajos, and bought his Chieftain in 1982.

    “Intercoolers are nothing new; they were available on WWII military aircraft and should have been factory installed on all turbocharged aircraft since 1948.  The basic principle of intercooling is simple, and it does work. After installing Ultracooling on our Chieftain we are now seeing 13 knots more speed on the same fuel.  We installed the Ultracoolers at 700 hours, and at TBO they will have paid for themselves in fuel savings alone. But speed and fuel savings aren’t the main reason I bought the system. I operate out of a 2450 foot-long strip, and I wanted faster acceleration to single-engine climb speed.  The Ultracoolers give me that.”
“The improvement in acceleration is dramatic,
and I can definitely feel the difference!”